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Cong. Nic M. Aliping, Jr.

Societal Concern

The Baguio Congressman Social Responsibility Foundation, Inc. is Congressman Nicasio M. Aliping, Jr.’s way of reaching out to groups and individuals who are in need of assistance. The Foundation seeks to link these groups and individuals to government agencies which can fully assist their specific needs.

Project & Programs

Congressman Nicasio M. Aliping, Jr. envisions a world class Baguio City ready to meet any challenge the future may bring. As such he fully supports projects and programs which will wholly advance residents’ human development, improve the city’s infrastructure, and make the delivery of social services easier.


As a lawmaker, Congressman Nicasio M. Aliping Jr.’s main concern is to craft laws which look to the best interest of every Filipino. His priority, of course, is to see to it laws are to the utmost benefit of his constituents in Baguio City. As such, the Congressman regularly holds consultations in order to get the pulse of his constituents on issues concerning Baguio and its people in the national level.

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